Church Edit
This site is put together using software provided by Church Edit, specially designed for use by Churches.

Church Mission Society
The Church Mission Society is an organisation that supports Missionaries in other countries. Through CMS we support Andy and Rose Roberts in Brazil.

Church of England
Home page for the Church of England

Citizens Advice Bureau (National)
National website of the Citizens Advice Bureau

Citizens Advice Bureau (York and Distict)
The York and District Citizens Advice Bureau run an Outreach Service at St Wulstan church.

Diocese of York
Official page for the Diocese of York

Heworth CE Primary School
Heworth CE Primary is our own primary school. They regularly hold services within Holy Trinity at the end of each term. Members of the church are on the governing body of the school.

Heworth Methodist Church
Website for Heworth Methodist church.

Holy Trinity Church Facebook Page
This is the page for church memebrs to interact with each other and to find out about new ventures.

Old Holy Trinity Website
This is our old website

One Voice York
Web page for the umbrella organisation for churches in York who work together.

Operation Christmas Child
Operation Christmas Child is a organisation that distributes shoeboxes containg gifts to children in Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Their campaign runs each October/November.

TearFund are one of the charities that we support as a parish.

The Giving Machine
The Giving Machine is an organisation that allows people to give donations to charity each time they make an on-line purchase. We have registered to help raise funds for our churches.

Trinity Praise Facebook Page
Trinity Praise is our monthly intergenerational worship. On this page you will find information about activities and events in Holy Trinity with a special emphasis on activities apporpriate for families.

York Community Church
Home page of York Community Church, who meet in Osbaldwick and Tang Hall.

York Schools and Youth Trust (YoYo)
York Schools and Youth Trust run various activities throughout York for Schools and Youth groups. They host the "Multicolour Praise Party" at the Salvation Army Citadel.