Mission and Charity Work


At Holy Trinity and St Wulstan, we support various Mission Partners and Charities. The details of these are:

Mission Partners:

As a parish we support through the Church Mission Society (CMS) two young missionaries, Andy and Rose Roberts, who are working at the 'My Father's House' project for vulnerable boys in Olinda, northeast Brazil.

The project works in the community which lives on a shanty town beside the city's open air rubbish dump. This area is particularly dangerous and violent. The 'My Father's House' project reaches out to the many children who are caught up in the drug trafficking trade, whose lives are in danger from the gangs or who have suffered abuse from their families, and offer them hope by proving a safe house to live and grow up in. The project also has a farm in the countryside where the boys can not only escape from the city but also improve their skills.

We support Andy and Rose both financially and through prayer as they work to save the children not only from physical danger but also spiritually through faith in Jesus Christ.

Andy and Rose have created a new blog where you can find much more information and updates about their work in Brazil.  Andy's regular updates on his work, in written and video format are available from this site.  His latest written report is here, while his latest video update from YouTube is available here.

Andy has also provided an information video about their work and the "My Father's House" project. This is also on YouTube and available here:

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